Foam Puppet Captain Jet Lag. Picture from Scott Gamble

So you might have heard about the strange material called foam latex for use in puppets. So what is foam latex? And what are the uses that an animator can benefit from?

Foam latex is essentially made of several different chemicals that are mixed in a blender, and either poured or injected into a plaster/Ultra Cal 30 mold around an armature. It is really a lot more complex then that, so lets look at the main steps involved in making a latex puppet:

-Make a sketch of a character your interested in animating.

-Make a sculpture of the character based on the drawing.

There were several TV specials including: Meet the Raisins, Raisins Sold Out, Claymation Comedy of Horrors and an Easter special. Less notable characters were from Vintons early feature the Adventures of Mark Twain, and the Little Prince. Here is my attempt to document what is behind the doors based on reference that I found through a secret source. He tells us he wants to keep his identity hidden.