by Jed Gibbs MA

Ray Harryhausen was born on the 29th of June, 1920. At the age of five Ray was entranced by the dinosaur movie 'The Lost World' and when he saw 'King Kong' he was "thirteen years old and very impressionable - and of course I didn't know how it was done at that time. Stop-motion was a secret, they kept it hidden for a good many years. A friend of my father's worked in a studio at RKO and he told me how it was done and I started doing it as a hobby in my garden and in my garage."

Written by Mac McCord, edited by Tim Smyth

When the topic of stop motion animation comes up most people immediately think of Ray Harryhausen and Willis O’Brien. O’Brian was an early pioneer who used clay and then improved his armatures using ball and socket joints with foam and latex covering. He made many films starting in 1914, and was a huge inspiration and influence on a young Ray Harryhausen, who later was able to work for O’Brian in the 1949 film, MIGHT JOE YOUNG.

With Marc Caballero & Chris Finnegan

I recently had the privilege to travel to Los Angeles and visit with the guys from Screen Novelties Studios. This article is the source of many firsts for me…

Executive Producer of Glenn Martin, DDS (October 14, 2010)

Interview Series with: Kelly Wold

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Eric Fogel, Executive Producer of Nickelodeon’s quirky family sitcom – Glenn Martin, DDS. Coming into its second season, the humor of the show coupled with its attention to detail by continually creating new worlds for the family to visit keep it fresh and entertaining. Here’s what Eric had to say…

Written by: Kelly Wold

After a long career as a filmmaker and prosthetic make-up artist for both movie and stage, John Dods is turning his focus towards an animation project that has been in the works for 30 years.